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Do hemp, do good, for good. We are at the forefront of the industry, hand-in-hand with like minded organizations and people to develop the nascent supply chain for hemp fiber. We are immersed in developing standard operating procedures across the entire supply chain, from region specific cultivars that are best suited for their end-use applications, all the way to the processed material as it relates to multiple industry applications. We have been pain staking in understanding every step along the way. This includes acquiring multiple different genetics, planting in different soils, with different planting techniques across many different regions. It includes a deep dive into the soil and agronomy of the plants and soils and their make up best suited for growing conditions. Luckily, our industry colleagues are top in their game and have been able to keep us ever vigilant students of this information. It includes due diligence in understanding the different harvesting techniques as it relates to existing machinery available and also what the industry will adopt for large scale, future acreage grown at scale. We, by way of partnerships, have had the opportunity and trust built with colleagues, to see, feel and operate multiple equipment stacks that will be crucial in understanding how these will play a role in the supply chain and of course, which is best for each operations end goals. Material we have processed and acquired has been put in the hands of an exorbitant amount of industry leaders for innovation and material development, tested here domestically and in Europe to define the value addition characteristics decision makers will need to understand the viability of hemp fiber materials. Plastics, non-wovens and wovens have all found an amazing value add with the addition of hemp fiber and hemp hurd into their products. 


We started this journey in 2018 and truly "jumped" in with the cultivation of hemp for CBD and CBG in 2019. We continue our small scale, high quality cannabinoid grows for the medicinal value for our local community and family. We have created well grounded, amazing and authentic relationships within the industry. These relationships and how we work with others define a core competency of ours, which is simply fostering good relationships. We thrive on and take pride in our ability to bring good product to market, but help others along the way, educate and be a leading force to advancing the myriad of applications hemp can speak to. We have a bit of a knack for helping others and enjoy doing it! All in all, we farm, educate, network, advocate, build the supply chain and help connect persons and organizations to help them reach their goals!


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