Do hemp, do good, for good. What we do is farm and cultivate hemp for CBD and CBG, but we embody so much more than that. We have created well grounded, amazing and authentic relationships within the industry. These relationships and how we work with others define a core competency of ours, which is simply fostering good relationships. We thrive on and take pride in our ability to bring good product to market, but help others along the way, educate and be a leading force to advancing the myriad of applications hemp can speak to. We are involved with the U.S. Hemp Building Association, National Hemp Association, iHemp Michigan and various other groups to help bring resources to the industry. We have a bit of a knack for helping others and enjoy doing it! All in all, we farm, educate, network, advocate and help connect persons and organizations to help them reach their goals!


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For promotional and business collaborations,  or for any personal questions, you can reach me here: 

AlignAgro@gmail.com or drop us a line:

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