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 After all is said and done, SOP’s adhered to and the successful completion of harvest, the biomass is ready for processing and manufacturing. Everything leading up to this point is crucial, in that every previous step’s success is directly related to the previous. To be able to process material, that material must be free of FM (foreign material) to a specified percentage. It must be at a certain moisture level in order to be processed and of course, it must meet the needs of the intended end use.

Our knowledge of equipment stacks as they relate to different applications comes from a deep dive into the manufacturing abilities of existing and in development equipment. As one colleague has stated: “People have been making big stuff small and separated for years” and we applied that to our way of thinking. Innovation is paramount in any new industry, but we also need to be mindful that other systems from Europe have already been developed and have been used for quite some time. Understanding the pros and cons of such systems is crucial to applying that to the North American industry. It is also essential to understand the existing manufacturing domestically to tap into economies of scale and utilize a combination of well designed and robust systems that colleagues have already developed and tested. 

We have come to understand and feel confident in several different ways of providing different spec’d material to customers. Being dependent upon several factors, but not limited to: end use material needed, capital, transition, existing equipment, power needs and scalability. We know which equipment stack we will be utilizing here in Michigan, but we are also privy to continuing to grow learn and share that information with others as it may relate to different industries.


  • Intended end-use applications

  • Existing equipment

  • Size of the operation

  • Volume output needed per year

  • Proximity to farms

  • Logistics

  • Scalability of the operation

  • Equipment availability

  • Modularity

  • Reliability

  • Ability to provide different materials

  • Level of skill input/Labor


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